Secure, intelligent and collaborative information management for you and your members.

Attract, Reward & 

Retain Members

Differentiate your institution with the Digital Collaborative Vault - a value-added service that provides your members' with the security, trust and transparency needed to build long-lasting relationships and exceed member experiences.

Exceed member expectations & improve experiences

Deepen Relationships with Your Members

Simplify the complexity of your members’ lives. Empower your members to securely and efficiently manage all of their most important information while improving communication and collaboration with you, their Trusted Advisor.

Maximize Your Business


Build trust and key connections across generations with security, simplicity and efficiency through every stage of life from everyday banking, home ownership, investments and wealth and estate transfers. 

Optimize Your Organization

Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of daily tasks as well as risk management and compliance activities with secure anytime, anywhere access to member information and full audit trail functionality for enhanced protection and transparency.

Learn how we can help you build trust, opportunity and connection with your members. Contact a FutureVault Solution Expert.

Secure, Intelligent & Collaborative Information Management

Boost communication & collaboration with members & employees

Reduce your members' cybersecurity risk profile

Build multi-generational relationships

FutureVault for Credit Unions

As a partner organization you’ll benefit from our white-label solution. Customize your Vault and become the hub of both your members' and employees' digital lives; increasing daily mind share and loyalty.

Keep Your Brand 

Top of Mind

Differentiate your organization with a unique integrated service

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Create employee brand ambassadors


"Easy, secure access to vital documents is paramount to wealth management, and up until now, there has been a massive gap in the marketplace for a secure digital solution. FutureVault is one of a kind, as the company truly understands the needs of our clients and produced the most robust, secure solution available. FutureVault has definitely changed the relationship with my clients. There is a lot more transparency, trust, and new opportunities for value-added services and more comprehensive consultation.”

Derryn Shrosbree, Founder & CEO, 33 Seven

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file sharing, storage and collaboration for wealth management
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