Secure, intelligent and auditable information management for you and your clients. 

Attract, Reward & 

Retain Clients

When it comes to client acquisition and retention, competition is fierce. Differentiate your firm with the Digital Collaborative Vault - a value-added service that offers better transparency, security and a seamless customer experience.

Improve client experiences & afford ultimate peace of mind

Deepen Your Client Relationships

Simplify the complexity of your clients’ lives. Empower your clients to securely and efficiently manage all of their most important information while improving communication and collaboration with you, their Trusted Advisor.

Maximize Your Business


Build trust and key connections across generations with security, simplicity and efficiency through every stage of life from investments and retirement to wealth and estate transfers.

Optimize Your Firm

Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of daily tasks as well as risk management and compliance activities with secure anytime, anywhere access to client management and full audit trail functionality for enhanced protection and transparency. 

Learn how FutureVault can help you build trust, opportunity and connection with your clients. Book a demo with a Solution Expert.

Secure, Intelligent & Collaborative Information Management

Boost communication & collaboration with clients & professionals

Better manage risk & compliance

Build multi-generational relationships 

FutureVault for Financial Services

As a partner organization you’ll benefit from our white-label solution. Customize your Vault and become the hub of your clients' digital lives; increasing daily mind share and client loyalty.

Keep Your Brand 

Top of Mind

Differentiate your firm with a unique integrated service

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